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About Wellness Quest, LLC

Wellness Quest, LLC, was developed out of professional and research experiences that led to the need to have a source for natural products that support cellular synthesis under the control of genes that oversight control or knowledge of the key ingredients from planting to harvest, and through processing to formulation. Having authority to choose and manage personnel and fulfillment has become a major point of stability for such a commercial activity.

For those that are new to this nutritional technology, it took decades and some major events to force a change in emphasis on using drugs as the only agent of significance in seeking to maintain one’s health and wellness status to recognizing that optimized nutrition is vital for all living cells from lowly plants to human beings. Nutrition is the foundation for all efforts to assure and preserve a good quality of life.

Serving as Director of Medical Education for Dallas-Ft. Worth Medical Center 1975-80 was a formative tour of service. Working through the contacts with patients with those in training, I believe I got exposure during this period to at least a 1,000 man years of what is not working in modern medicine. In response, the Fisher Institute for Medical Research was founded in 1982 with the mission of developing safe, effective and economical management of health. The intention was to find better drugs due to one’s educational bias, but I was beginning to recognize that drugs are toxic poisons with mixed impacts on those taking such pharmaceuticals and they are usually very expensive. I was blessed to become a consultant to Carrington Laboratories of Irving, Texas in 1985. The company’s goal was to develop a drug from the bioactive agent in aloe vera. Very specialized scientists found aloe vera that has been used to support good health for over 5,000 years because it contains a very special sugar, mannose, that is used to make compounds that are active in host defense, repair, healing and achieving homeostasis (balance) within all systems of our bodies. Cellular synthesis is under control of the genes that, in turn, use elements and nutrients (like aloe mannose) to produce all the compounds of structure and function that constitute life and the human body and its operation.

One finds in medical history that time after time individuals have recognized the cardinal role nutrition plays in health and wellness and for the body to be able to restore good health. James Lind, M.D., a British ship surgeon found that lemons, limes and oranges prevented and reversed the lethal disease scurvy that killed over 2 million sailors of this nation. You may recognize that such citrus fruit are food or nutritional items and not a man made drug.. Such astute observers have largely been ignored, but the forecast for economic collapse due to health care cost for entire nations with rising poor health as a result of using a failed paradigm is reviving the necessity to look into the cost and the premise for how health is being managed. Supporting the engineering and design of life, as coded in the genes naturally, rather than giving an organic laboratory made poison to already sick people is advocated as a starting point for a more rational management of disease. It should be realized that this is not the treatment of cure of disease by human intervention. Nutrients and elements do nothing until the cells take them and join them in intricate patterns as instructed by their genes to make bioactive, structure and function compounds.

Wellness Quest LLC is dedicated to taking this knowledge and the application to the health of all people in all lands for the benefit of all humanity, while seeking to make a profit in this endeavor